Modular BomBoard carves through waves and stows in your trunk

Credit: BomBoard

When the weather turns warm and the sun blazes down on your shoulders, it's time to hit the waves. For some, that means waxing up the ol' surfboard. For others, the man-made waves of the water park suffice. For the thrill-seeking set, however, not much beats your own personal jet ski.

Whether cutting across the waves or making your own, jet skis are a ton of fun. They do, on the other hand, have to be carted around on trailers, eat fuel like nobody's business, and can easily cost as much as a car. That's why we're so impressed by the BomBoard, a modular new personal watercraft (PWC) that has somehow found a way to solve all of the jet ski's foibles in a single go.

At $3,495, the BomBoard will cost you roughly a third of what a new jet ski does. Then there's the small displacement, high efficiency engine that gets you much more ride time out of a single tank of gas. The BomBoard's biggest innovation, however, is its modular design: breaking into four parts, this PWC is small enough to be stowed in the trunk of your compact car. With a lower ride profile and three different ways to ride, the BomBoard just might have everyone from surfers to jet ski owners turning green come summer.

BomBoard, via Gizmag

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