Guy builds deadly laser visor inspired by X-Men's Cyclops

Credit: Marvel

Everybody's favorite laser modder is back. Patrick Priebe, of laser gatling gun and laser Iron man gauntlet fame loves building laser weapons and his latest is easily one of his best: lasers mounted on a visor.

What we've got here is essentially a real-life version of the X-Men's Cyclops' laser visor. In Priebe's own words: "the most stupidest idea I've ever had."

Priebe's laser visor isn't some fifth grade project where he glues laser pointers sunglasses and calls it a day. While a little rough looking, the design takes safety — the most important thing when playing with lasers — seriously. The visor has blue laser beams for burning and red ones for aiming, as well as a blue LED light to let others know that thing is on, armed and dangerous. There's also a way to prevent the lasers from reflecting into its wearer's eyes and permanently blinding them forever. Good call.

If you're already thinking about making this for your next cosplay or Halloween costume, you might want to stop right there. Seeing as this thing is dangerous — it can pop balloons and burn stuff — Priebe won't provide any instructions on how to build it, which is probably for the better.

Like Priebe states in the video "Quality sucks, but its [sic] still damn cool." Damn cool, indeed.

YouTube, via Gizmodo

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