Students create 'water bottle' blob that you can eat

Credit: Ooho

It might not be obvious, but plastic water bottles are evil. No, they're not trying to strike you down with a lightsabe like Darth Vader, or anything like that. Water bottles are terrible for the environment since most of them aren't recycled after use. But if you can eat your water bottle — now, that's a million dollar idea.

The Ooho is a blob-shaped "container" or "water bottle" that holds water inside with a double membrane. Created by three London-based designers, the Ooho uses a compound from brown algae and calcium chloride to form a gel around a liquid (in this case, water).

According to FastCompany, the double membrane utilizes an evolved form of "spherification," a way to hold liquids in spheres first invented in 1946:

"While the package is being formed, the water is frozen as ice, making it possible to create a bigger sphere and keeping the ingredients in the membrane and out of the water."

If the designers behind Ooho can figure out how to keep the blobby water bottle clean (like when it's on store shelves) we could be looking at a future where water bottles littered on street floors is a thing of the past.

You can see how to drink, err, eat the Ooho in the first video below and how it's made in the second video. Fascinating stuff.

Via FastCompany

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