Chocabyte: a 3D chocolate printer for only $99

Credit: Solid Idea

Cheap chocolate always taste terrible and the fine chocolate always costs a fortune. But thanks to technology, I can now 3D print my own custom bonbons for cheap. Chocabyte is a $99 3D chocolate printer that is going to win me lots of brownie points come next Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, and every other "holiday" that seemingly requires giving out chocolates.

Unlike most 3D chocolate printers that can cost hundreds (if not thousands of dollars), the ChocaByte 3D chocolate printer is only a fraction of the cost and size. Printing chocolates is as easy as selecting a shape from ChocaByte's template database. You then heat up a chocolate cartridge (four for $10) in hot water or in the microwave, put the cartridge into the 3D chocolate printer and hit start. Ten minutes later, and you've got yourself a 2 x 1 inch edible piece of chocolate.

By that estimation, printing out a dozen chocolates and packaging them into a box with a nice ribbon for that special someone should only take about two hours.

Don't like the chocolate templates that SolidIdeas offers? No problem. The company plans to let users upload their own custom designs and 3D print chocolates from them soon, too.

That said, if you want a ChocaByte, you better hustle. They're only making 500 of them (all numbered) — all custom built in Sydney, Australia. The only downside is that it could take up to three months before you receive yours.

Via SolidIdea

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