Robot sprinkler knows when and how to water your lawn

Credit: Droplet

In the near future, our homes will be wired to know our every whim and give us what we need when we want it. But what about our lawns? We certainly can’t neglect those when we’re living in the smart home of the future. Enter Droplet, a new robotic sprinkler, that’s smart enough to know how and when to water your lawn.

Obviously, Droplet isn’t your typical sprinkler system. Not only does it look like a Roomba, but it’s also really smart and able to water your lawn as needed, rather than on a pre-determined schedule. It uses cloud computing and other connected services to know exactly what your patch of grass needs. For instance, if it rained yesterday, Droplet will know that and not water your plants, due to its connection to over 10,000 weather stations. Or maybe it only sprinkled, so Droplet will give your plants only a little water, based on what they need. Droplet even knows which plants need more watering and which need less. With a 30-foot range, Droplet waters your lawn effectively and efficiently.

Because of Droplet’s efficiency, you can cut down your water bill and save the environment. Most sprinkler systems waste water, but Droplet won’t because it waters your lawn precisely as needed: it can save thousands of gallons of water per year. Live in an area with water restrictions? No problem, Droplet knows that, too, and will adjust itself accordingly. All you have to do is configure the system via wi-fi with your PC or mobile device.

Droplet retails for $300 on Amazon. That might seem expensive, at least compared to sprinkler systems that attach to a hose, but with the amount of water it saves, it pays for itself within its first few years of use.

Via TechCrunch

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