New Segways revealed for adventurers who don't want to walk

Credit: Segway

Back in the days of personal transportation yore, Segway was the belle of the ball. This self-balancing electric transport was even once viewed as the future of all individual transport. Since then this one-time grande dame of the balance-driven scooter set has let itself wither on the vine.

That sad, quiet sort of end can't last forever, and Segway has just revealed its game plan for returning to the top of the heap. Two new Segway models have just been revealed: The Segway i2 SE and the outdoorsy Segway x2 SE. Both of the new Personal Transports (PTs) feature a quick-release handlebar like that you'd find on a mountain bike's front wheel, front and rear lights, and a wider, lower profile base.

On top of the rehashed designs, Segway has also unveiled an accessory shop called SegSolutions. There you can personalize your Segway with camouflage, cargo cases and a gun scabbard to create the "Silent Hunter" upgrade kit. You can also grant yourself some comfy foot mats and an iPad mount in the "Commuter Package". We're not sure whether or not commuters should be riding a Segway while immersed in their iPads, but either way the new Segways do look more interesting than your basic electric scooter. Whether or not they're enough to resurrect Segway as the coolest thing on two wheels remains to be seen.

Via Segway

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