Vertical trains may be future of public transportation

Credit: eVolo

Thanks to massive population growth, our cities are expanding at an exponential rate, and the only way to continue growth is by building up instead of out. That includes looking at future public transportation options: British designers Christopher Christophi and Lucas Mazarrasa have a crazy idea: a skyscraper rail hub with hyper-speed trains that travel vertically.

The basic idea of the skyscraper train hub is that hyper-trains, which would cover 300 miles in 30 minutes (about twice as fast than today’s bullet trains), would shoot down the sides of a skyscraper into underground tunnels, eventually delivering passengers to their destinations.

To catch a train, you would take an elevator to a specified floor. Each elevator only goes to specific floors, eliminating the need for multiple stops, making the process more efficient than what’s now in place for modern train stations (which are generally chaotic). Once you arrive at your floor, you board your train.

Although the entire thing looks like a crazy ride at Six Flags, it’s not: the trains pivot in a way that always keep passengers upright. The train’s tracks are not rails, but work via a magnetic configuration. The skyscraper train hub would replace existing stations and could work in any city, with trains constantly arriving and departing.

The initial design shows a public park surrounding the skyscraper, adding green space to the future’s “mega cities,” something that will probably be in short supply. The design also shows a public garden at the very top, with the entire building and space deemed for public use.

eVolo, via Discovery

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