Designer imagines what an Apple TV game console would look like

Credit: Martin Hajek

The battle for living room domination is far from over. While Sony and Microsoft wage their game console war, others are planning their attack. Both Apple and Amazon are rumored to be prepping gaming-focused microconsoles/set-top boxes for release before the year's end. What might an Apple TV with a focus on gaming look like?

Martin Hajek is back with another one of his Apple-inspired CAD creations. This time, he's worked his magic to bring to life an updated Apple TV set-top box and two potential remote options: one with a touchscreen to adapt to different app layouts and one with miniaturized Wii Remote-like motion controls and the familiar D-pad and ABXY buttons. It's even got that sweet lanyard loop from the iPod touch. And since we're all in imaginary land, why not put the touchscreen on one side and the game controls on the other?

The concept also has one feature Apple has been reluctant to embrace: wireless charging. The remote controllers can be wirelessly charged when placed on top of the Apple TV box.

Inspired by the aluminum construction and chamfered edges of the iPhone 5s and iPad Air/iPad mini, Hajek's Apple TV concept is a pretty good effort at nailing down Apple's design language. More pretty renderings in the gallery below.

Via Martin Hajek

(All images by Martin Hajek)

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