Samsung patents Tony Stark's see-through phone screen for a camera

Credit: Marvel

Say what you will about Iron Man 2, but there's at least one bit of tech that this black sheep of a film introduced that we've been craving ever since: Tony Stark's phone. Entirely see-through, Stark's phone features a holographic interface that looks breathtakingly futuristic. As a recent patent patent filing shows, Samsung seems to have agreed with that assessment.

What Samsung has patented is a camera, not a smartphone. Still, the majority of this new device is highly reminiscent of Stark's phone — its see-through. More than some sort of oversized viewfinder, Samsung's concept is for a camera with a transparent display that houses most of the controls. The solid portion of the camera houses all the real components: the flash, a power button and the lens.

The fun part of this setup is that the camera allows you to stare straight into the eye whoever it is you're snapping pictures of. There's also the prospect that Samsung, having mastered the transparent display, will port that tech over to its line of smartphones. Patents also tend to vary a bit from the tech they actually spawn, but either way it looks like Samsung has a little way to go before it develops a smartphone with an entirely see-through body. We can hardly wait.

Wall Street Journal, via Slashgear

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