Japanese musician piano duels his own hologram

Credit: YouTube

If Star Wars was has taught us anything (and it's taught us a lot), everything is better with holograms. Everything. At the recent SXSW, Japanese rockstar Yoshiki took to the stage for a piano duel — with himself — using hologram technology.

A few years ago, rapper Tupac Shakur was "resurrected" as a hologram to perform alongside Snoop Dogg at Coachella. Since then, the use of life-like holograms for the performance arts has ballooned, despite the high-costs attached to creating the illusion.

This time around, Yoshiki uses a hologram to blur the lines between fantasy and reality. Maybe it's a gimmick, maybe it's not. One thing is for sure: dueling against your holgraphic self sure is refreshing for both the musician and the audience.

If you've never seen a piano duel, you're missing out. The performances are intense and the battling pianists laser-focused on staying in sync with each other with their magical fingers. And yes, it's better when it's against a hologram. See for yourself in the video below.

Yoshiki, via Gizmag

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