Translate your tattoos into sweet, sweet music

Credit: ::vtol::

Moscow has a sort of rough-and-tumble sensibility to it. Maybe it's those cold Russian winters, but Moscow isn't the cuddliest of cities. So maybe it's fitting that from these war-torn, Soviet-surviving streets, a new form of music has been born.

Moscow-born media artist Dmitry Morozov has built himself a brand new kind of instrument. Instead of strings or brass, the thing emits sounds electronically. No big innovation there, but when it comes to this instrument's sheet music, you'll have to forego the paper. Instead, Morozov's instrument plays music written on human flesh — tattoos, to be precise.

The project, called "reading my body," is powered by a stepper motor and consists of a pair of offset rail-mounted sensors that move across your skin, producing sound when they detect dark ink. The sensors can either move independently along your tattoo, or be controlled manually, giving each tattoo they encounter more than one soundtrack. As for Dmitry Morozov himself, he's had a special tattoo drawn up to take the maximum advantage of his invention. Whether or not that means it makes the most beautiful music possible is something we'll leave up to you.

::vtol::, via Designboom

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