Sony unveils PS4-compatible 'Project Morpheus' VR headset

Credit: Sony (PDF)

Sony has been muttering about its development of a virtual reality headset to rival the Oculus Rift for some time now. As long ago as 2011, the Playstation 3 was rumored to be getting a VR headset. But, for as long as we've known that the Sony VR rig was coming, nobody has really known what it was capable of or what it would look like.

At long last, Sony has revealed the product of its last three years' labor. Still bearing its code name, "Project Morpheus" is a PS4-compatible VR system. Sony is being very careful to not call the headset an "add-on", and anyone who has experienced modern VR tech can likely see why: VR really is the future of gaming. So, rather than a new controller or something, Project Morpheus will probably actually function like a system upgrade for the PS4, much like the Kinect sensor was for the Xbox 360.

In unveiling Project Morpheus at this year's Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, Sony has even given us a peek at what their new VR rig will be packing under the visor. When you put Project Morpheus on, you'll be staring into a five-inch 1080p LCD screen with a 90 degree field of view. The headset will also incorporate technology from the Playstation Camera and Playstation Move for motion tracking and control, and feature 3D audio.

Don't expect Project Morpheus to pop up in your local Gamestop just yet, however. The current version is still wired, connecting by USB and HDMI, but Sony would like very much to cut that cord. No price or delivery date has been set as of yet, but Sony does plan on releasing an SDK for developers very soon.

Sony (PDF), via The Verge

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