Shape-shifting floor concept has "Holodeck" written all over it

Imagine sitting down to listen to some boring speaker at some corporate-mandated event. About five seconds into the never-ending monotone you're pleading with the universe to make something, anything happen. And then the seat shifts beneath you; the chairs, stage and even the walls fall away, replaced by a maze that slowly but surely obscures everyone else in the room from your view.

In most cases, a scenario like that would probably mean that you'd accidentally stumbled into the pages of a horror film. In the minds of designers Grigory Malitskiy and Maria Malitskaya, however, it's just one of the nearly infinite possibilities that their Space Generator concept can create. The piston-powered floor of the concept allows for almost any shape to rise up from beneath your feet. Dirt bike tracks, undulating hills, and even furniture can materialize at press of a button.

The space will have to be pre-programmed, but after that, the world (or room at least) is your oyster. A number of the pillars that make up the floor could also have tech embedded in their faces, allowing you to create not only complex shapes, but modular electronics as well. It's not quite a Holodeck, but since we've yet to master the physics of hard light holography, the Space Generator is likely one of the most interactive physical spaces we're going to see for quite a while.

Red Dot, via Yanko Design

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