Concept flash drives blend Post-Its with digital memory

Credit: dataSTICKIES

Flash drives are getting bigger: we've already reached the one terabyte mark with portable flash storage, and we still can't get enough. One guy even replaced a missing finger with a USB drive. Questionably fashionable, completely functional.

But the USB flash drive is so difficult to use, isn't it? I mean, you have to, like, plug it in and everything. What if there was an easier way? We all dream a future without USB ports, where we can just pass data around as easily as we paste Post-It notes to the wall, don't we? Aditi Singh and Parag Anand, New Delhi industrial designers, dream of that day too, and their dream has a name, a website, and even some concept art. dataSTICKIES hope to be the future of data storage, although at present, these are totally theoretical, and the hardest part of the whole thing is unfortunately a technology that hasn't been perfected yet.

The idea is to create mini Post-It notes of sort, except these will contain a thin layer of graphene. For those who aren’t up on your "materials in the known universe," graphene is the lightest material known to man. We've been pretty jazzed about it over here, even if it might be dethroned as the world’s strongest material. But graphene can mean things like solar paint-powered buildings and sticky data storage devices are a real possibility.

These dataSTICKIES would be two layers of a protective material with graphene sandwiched in between. It could contain 32 gigabytes of data (max) in its current iteration, and you’d be able to simply stick in on your computer and have the data transfer through. A conductive layer on top would be able to work the way a USB port works currently, transferring data instantly between the computer and the drive.

Whether or not it's possible to make something like this remains to be seen, but it's an incredibly cool concept, and it's being worked on by expert industrial designers who truly believe this is a possibility.

dataSTICKIES, Via Huffington Post UK

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