Carbon solar watch doubles as charger for your dying smartphone

External batteries and battery-pack cases are useful when you know you won't be near an outlet to charge up dying smartphone. But honestly, who really wants to carry around a battery brick? No one, that's who.

The creative minds over at Energy Bionics think they have a better idea: use your watch to charge your smartphone. It's kind of like Brando's wristband battery, only it's a not nearly as ugly. Designed and assembled entirely in the U.S., the Carbon has an 800mAh battery that is good enough to give you up to three hours of talk time or web browsing.

There are two models: one with an analog watch that makes it less obvious that it's an external battery charger and one with just a solar panel charger instead of a watch face. The one with the clock will also reportedly get its power from a solar cell underneath it.

While the carbon solar charger watch is perfect for a smartphone with a dying battery, it will also charge up any device via micro USB, such as Google Glass and tablets.

Currently on Kickstarter, the Carbon needs $48,000 before it can be produced and shipped out in August. As of this writing, it has over $12,000 in crowdfunding. All of the early bird specials are gone, but if you still want one you can pledge a minimum of $115 for a Carbon solar charger with silicon strap or $130 for a Carbon solar charger with the analog watch face, a leather strap, black cell phone strap, and black crushproof case.

Via Kickstarter

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