Working LEGO keyboard is more exciting than whatever you use to type

Credit: JK Brickworks

It always astounds us what people can build with LEGO. From nonfunctional Jaegers and starship behemoths to functional 3D printers and full-size go-karts, LEGO has withstood the test of time technology. Some 65 years after its invention, LEGO creations still fascinate us. Today's LEGO masterpiece: a working LEGO keyboard that makes yours look unbelievably boring.

This functional LEGO keyboard is the brainchild of LEGO enthusiast Jason Allemann. While a first prototype based around a Microsoft Natural keyboard was created in 2005, Allemann scrapped the project for difficulty reasons. The LEGO keyboard project was picked up again last year when he found an old keyboard on the street and decided to start the conversion process.

All of the keys are held together with LEGO Technic axles; the completed QWERTY layout laid on top of the keyboard's sensor pad and circuit board. As you can see in the video below, some of the keys are pretty creative. For example, he uses a sloped rooftop piece for the Home key, control panel tile for the Control key and a minifig baseball cap and a lock key tile for the Caps Lock key. Best of all, the keys are swappable at any time.

We're not sure how comfy typing on a LEGO keyboard would be, but Allemann says he can type "just as well with this keyboard as with any other", although there is a little flex to the frame.

Now all he needs is a matching LEGO mouse.

JK Brickworks, via Brothers-Brick

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