Beautiful Pininfarina pen writes forever without using any ink

Pininfarina is well-known for designing some of the sexiest cars ever created for companies like Ferrari and Alfa Romeo, but who knew that they also put their own distinctive mark on everyday objects like pens?

Taking its styling cues from Pininfarina's own Cambiano concept car, the sleek 4.Ever Pininfarina Cambiano pen is handmade in Italy from aluminum with an elegant wood insert, but just as with Pininfarina's car designs, there's some serious high-tech innovation going on under the hood.

Instead of using ink like a pen or graphite like a pencil, the tip of the 4.Ever Cabiano is made from a special metal alloy called Ethergraph. This lays down a fine line on the paper much like a pencil, only this line is permanent like the ink left by a ballpoint pen. The real trick, though, is the tip itself won't wear out, and will continue to write forever.

I wonder if they are willing to state that claim in writing (pun intended), as anything that leaves a line behind must be wearing down at least a little bit. Perhaps Pininfarina is just confident that you'll either lose the pen, or that you'll be dead before you can fully test out that claim. Still, it's got to beat furiously scribbling on a pad to try and get the ink in your pen flowing when you're trying to take a note.

Pininfarina launched the 4.Ever Cambiano at the Paperworld exhibition in Frankfurt last week. No price was announced, but I expect anyone who can afford it probably already has other larger Pininfarina designs in their garage. The good news is that they don't just give you the pen, you also get a notepad filled with what they call stone paper, a stronger water-resistant paper made stone powder that they say is especially eco-friendly. Just the thing for totting up how long you're going to need to use the pen before you break even with your ink cost savings.

Uncrate, via Gizmodo

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