The ESA has a sound system that can kill you

Credit: ESA

The European Space Agency gets to have all the fun. Not only are they planning on single-handedly saving humanity from our eventual doom at the hands of an asteroid, but they also have the most powerful sound system in all of Europe. On the other hand, they never get to use this audiophile's heaven-on-earth for epic jam sessions, since the Large European Acoustic Facility (LEAF) is actually set up to stress-test satellites.

At over 154 decibels this sucker would literally kill you with how awesome it sounds. Upon a single wall within the LEAF sound chamber sit a number of massive sound horns. The chamber itself measures a sizable 36 feet wide by 54 feet tall and is built to keep us fragile humans safe from its internal acoustic horrors. Standing inside, you would be subject to a nitrogen-fueled sound that would be loud enough to kill.

For your safety and that of those in the surrounding countryside, the LEAF can only be operated when the doors are completely shut. The entire room is also set on heavy-duty rubber bearing pads, so that the vibrations produced inside don't shake the facility apart. All this was built just to see if satellites can withstand the enormous amount of noise put out by a rocket as it sends them into orbit, which is something to keep in mind as you pick out those noise-cancelling headphones for your own ride aboard Virgin Galactic's SpaceShip Two.

ESA, via io9

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