These LEGO Jaegers need to be made into official sets ASAP

Credit: Moko

Building one of the Jaegers from Pacific Rim would usually mean a highly-organized effort on at least a national level. Build it out of LEGO, however, and you can crank out a whole team of these awesome mechs in a matter of days. That, in a nutshell, is what LEGO savant Moko just did.

Not only are all the prominent Jaeger from the film present and accounted for, each is posable and includes every accessory they need to re-enact the film's action sequences. Gipsy Danger can be equipped with hand cannons, chain sword or even a tiny LEGO tanker ship. Crimson Typhoon's hands can be swapped out for bladed ones, and Striker Eureka has both sting blades and a chest cavity full of missile tubes.

Of course, no hero is much use without a villain to combat. To that end Moko has whipped up both the Knifehead and Otachi kaiju to do battle with our heroes. While all six of these one-off LEGO sets are amazing, they each look like they required some unique pieces that had to be hand crafted. This only adds to our sense of awe when we consider that it took only a couple of weeks for Moko to put together the whole group. We'd love to get our hands on these, so here's hoping LEGO gets to licensing these suckers tout suite.

Moko, via Wired

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