IBM is bringing Watson to your smartphone

Credit: IBM

IBM’s Watson is one of the smartest computer systems on the planet: its advanced artificial intelligence can answer natural language questions thanks to its ability to analyze huge amounts of data quickly and efficiently. Watson even managed to conquer Jeopardy champion Ken Jennings a few years ago on TV. Now, IBM wants to put Watson to work for you, in your smartphone. The company recently announced a competition for mobile developers, challenging them to create new cloud-based apps using Watson's technology.

IBM's idea is to use cognitive computing to create the future of cloud-based smartphone applications. With so much data now living in the cloud, IBM believes that systems like Watson are necessary for sorting through all that data and using it effectively. The company’s competition seeks mobile developers willing to use Watson for building apps. Proposals are due by March 31, and the winners will be chosen on May 31st after submitting prototypes and initial versions of their apps. IBM will choose the winners after several rounds of judging. These winners will not only get support from IBM, but will also get access to Watson’s sandbox.

Last year, IBM included smart learning as part of its annual “5 in 5” picks for the future of technology. This new competition goes along with that initiative. The company hopes to change the way consumers interact with mobile technology, perhaps leading to a future where they know what we need even before we know we need it.

Via Engadget

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