Heavy metal band counts actual metal masks as its members

Tristan Shone is the lead man in a band. He and his crew play a unique brand of doom metal, the music recently “popularized” by the “hit film” Knights of Badassdom. We imagine that film’s protagonist, along with a certain Batman villain, both crank up the volume whenever Shone’s band Author & Punisher hits their iTunes radios. Shone’s band-mates can’t exactly return the favor, sadly — they aren't really alive.

Forged from steel, copper and aluminum, the members (and we’re using that term fairly loosely) of Author & Punisher are actually a collection of metal masks straight out of the post-apocalypse. Of course your average mask, even one made of metal, doesn't exactly make beautiful music. Author & Punisher’s musical masks are Arduino-powered machines that record a wide variety of different sounds when Shone plants his face in them and screams. The three masks even have their own names: Mute, Dither, and Gate.

All three of these masks are Shone’s own handiwork, and between them he states that he can create endless sounds and loops. The masks went on Author & Punisher’s latest tour along with their lead singer. In the future, Shone actually plans on merging the masks into a single mouthpiece which can be fitted with different attachments able to create all the screeches and death rattles he needs them to produce during a show. We leave it to you to decide whether or not all this tech savvy, blood, sweat, and tears has created a sound that you’d call beautiful.

Author & Punisher, via Wired

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