Be real careful not to lose Sandisk's new 128GB microSD card

Today, we take storage for granted because it's so abundant, especially with the infinite storage of the cloud. But 10 years ago, 128MB was considered a lot of storage for a microSD card. And now we have 128 gigabytes of storage crammed into a fingernail-sized microSD card; 1,000 times what the 128MB one could hold in 2004. How's that for technology innovation?

In the span of a decade, our storage needs have grown exponentially. We needed more storage to hold all of our digital music, then more room to hold our increasingly high-resolution photos and videos, and then all those apps.

64GB of storage in a smartphone or tablet may seem like a lot today, but actually, it's quickly becoming insufficient. New mobile devices have higher resolution cameras than ever before and with 4K video recording, that media is ballooning at an unprecedented rate. We need space to put all of our digital junk.

Sandisk's will finally bring some relief to the storage-crunched. But it won't come cheap. Sandisk's high-capacity microSD card will be available at Best Buy and Amazon for $199.99. That seems expensive, but it's really not. Recall Lexar's world's first 128GB SD card went for $700 when it was revealed in 2011. The price will come down fast. It always does.

Via Sandisk

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