8-bit 'Legend of Zelda' gets unofficial first-person remake for Oculus Rift

Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda for NES is arguably one of the greatest video games ever created. So how can anyone possibly make the game even better? One developer decided to take matters into his own hands and remake the 8-bit game as a first-person game for the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset.

This is ZeldaVR and it's awesome and terrible at the same time. According to Ubiquitron, the game's developer, the "gameplay and artwork are virtually identical to the original NES classic." The only difference is that instead of playing this game from a top-down perspective, the game's camera has been switched to a first-person one.

While the ability to physically turn your head with the Oculus Rift to look around at the shiny new polygonal sprites is definitely sweet, YouTube user "Vaecon" says the quicker pace coupled with the blocky retro graphics made him nauseous after about 20 minutes of playtime. Well, that's just no good. We haven't tried the demo ourselves (anyone have an Oculus Rift dev kit they wanna donate?), but it sure looks like a lot of fun killing enemies with Link's stabby little sword.

Right now the game is in beta, so there's only the first dungeon and overworld to explore, but Ubiquitron hopes to release the completed remake next month for free. (That's if Nintendo's lawyers don't come knocking on its door demanding a cease and desist.)

Have an Oculus Rift dev kit? You can download ZeldaVR Beta here for free and start roaming a 3D 8-bit Hyrule now.

*BONUS* Here's Pokémon Gold/Silver rendered in 3D first-person and played on the Oculus Rift. Mind blown.

Virtual Reality.io, via YouTube and GameRant

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