Car-mounted robot gives tailgaiters what they deserve

Credit: iStock

Chances are it's happened to you: you're driving along a particularly treacherous road and someone in an old beat-up truck pulls up behind you close enough to be attached to your trailer hitch. They throw on the brights and keep their lights in at least one of your mirrors until you cave and pull over for them to go flooring it around the next blind corner. Well, a new DIY robot has just the sort of punishment to fit this crime, albeit a probably illegal one.

The LuxBlaster is an Adruino-based robot that detects light sources and flashes its little lights right back at them. Being a DIY project, you get to select the sort of LED you arm the robot with, as well as what intensity of light it requires to engage its insta-karma high-beams. Again, this is simply a concept developed in the lab and not something ANYONE condones you actually building or rigging up to your car. That said, here's how to make one.

The LuxBlaster was developed by freelance software developer Hazim Bitar, who is the first to suggest that blinding the person immediately behind you on the road is probably a bad idea. Apart from their crashing into you and both your cars hitting oncoming traffic, just attempting to do such a thing can land you in hot water with the cops. Still, the idea of giving rude and dangerous drivers tailgating you down the freeway a bit of their own medicine is a tempting prospect. Here's hoping a safe and legal way to do it shows up in the near future.

TechBitar, via Popular Science

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