Submerged turntable plays warbling vinyl tunes from underwater

Credit: Evan Holm

Usually, throwing whatever you carry your music around on into a body of water spells disaster. Sure you could get lucky by drying your phone in a vat of rice for a few days, but unless you were hell-bent on destruction you probably wouldn't enter into that situation willfully. The same cannot be said for installation artist Evan Holm.

Then again, Evan isn't playing music from his phone, or even a stereo. He's elected to go with that audiophile favorite: vinyl. By virtue of its classic, analog construction, a record can't be easily damaged by being thrown in a pond as our modern day devices. The record player you put it on sure can, but Holm has thought of that. Whirling about in slow circles, his jerry-rigged turntable creates a bit of a vortex out of the surface of his man-made, pitch black pond.

It also plays music, in an ever-so-slightly drowned sort of tone. The installation, recently on display at the San Francisco Museum Of Modern Art (SFMOMA), is a commentary upon humanity's own eventual descent into the blackness of time. Still, even if we are to disappear into the night, Holm says his exhibit offers up a bit of hope: that haunting song emanating from his pond lingers on, even as the hardware that makes it possible sinks and disappears below the waves.

Evan Holm, via Core77

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