Nerf Attacknid hexapod rains darts on your enemies

Credit: Raymond Wong/DVICE

Aside from two awesome new Nerf blasters, Nerf also announced a new kind of dart-shooting ally at Toy Fair 2014: the Combat Creature Attacknid robot. Consider it your remote-controlled dart buddy, if you will.

The Attacknid is not your typical Nerf toy. It has six legs that let it walk in any direction via a remote control and it can fire 12 loaded darts up to 45 feet. The hexapod's dart barrel also rotates 360-degrees.

If the Attacknid hexapod looks familiar, you're not going crazy. Indeed, the Nerf Combat Creature Attacknid robot is product of a partnership between Hasbro and Wow! Stuff, a toy company that's familiar with robotic toys including the My Keepon, Air Swimmers and its own lineup of dart-shooting robot creatures.

Hasbro says the Attacknid is designed for robot vs. robot combat, which is probably why it's not particularly speedy. From what we saw with a prototype model, the hexapod should be a fun little toy for raining dartfire on your foes.

We've got a gallery full of pics of the near-final and prototype models of the Attacknid, so be sure to check those out. The Attacknid comes out in the Fall for $79.99 and will require six AA batteries sold separately.

(All photos by Raymond Wong for DVICE.)

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