Dot matrix printer playing 'Eye of the Tiger' has Rocky's stamina

Credit: Vimeo

Dot matrix printers are, in Internet terms, fossils. These heavy, loud hunks of what feels like pure iron ore hail from the days before AOL, Geocities and even the Internet as we now know it. As you might guess, the vast majority of these suckers were taken out behind the shed and old yeller-ed long ago. One unit, however, has miraculously survived.

In the hands of Vimeo user MIDIDesaster, this printer recently took to a new line of work: music. Outfitted with an Atmega8 microcontroller and a field-programmable gate array (FPGA), the printer now plays as many as 21 notes at a time, thanks to a full 16 individually-controlled MIDI channels. Tinkering with these controls, MIDIDesaster was able to churn out a handful of tunes, the latest of which is the iconic ballad "Eye of the Tiger," made popular by the Rocky movies.

The printer also plays the Benny Hill theme, "Having a blast" and the Foo Fighters' hit "Everlong." "Eye of the Tiger," however, really brings home the long-lived splendor of this re-purposed artifact from the days of hole-lined, continuous printer paper and the Apple IIe. May it continue to defy the reaper for decades to come.

Vimeo, via Geekologie

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