Take control of this VR trailer with your mouse or Oculus Rift

Credit: C1

Watching movies in VR, even the 3D ones, can feel limiting. When you're used to being able to turn your head to see what's going on over your shoulder, even Avatar's nifty 3D visuals don't cut it. A new documentary, itself about where VR is going, is looking to change that. The just-released trailer for Zero Point puts you in total control of your viewing experience.

Directed by lauded documentarian Danfung Dennis, the film will put Oculus Rift owners in the driver's seat, letting them experience a 360 degree landscape however they like. The "front-facing" 180 degrees will even be in 3D. The documentary's just-released trailer gives all audiences a glimpse into what that might mean, though: by following this link, you'll be able to experience 180 degrees of freedom, using your mouse as a control. The experience isn't nearly as awesome as gaming in VR, but it does give a good impression of what VR entertainment might become.

While the online trailer itself is a bit of a compromise, with the edges of the screen visible when you look too far up or to the side, Dennis and his crew have apparently shot the film itself in fully-interactive 3D. You won't have total freedom of motion when its released, (its not a video game, after all) but the film will feature 360-degree video and audio, responsive to where you turn your head. Zero Point, in all its interactive glory, will be released later this year.

Via C1

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