Fujitsu's gesture-control glove brings back 80s fashion

Credit: Fujitsu

Fujitsu, a company usually associated with its line of laptops and cameras, has just announced its take on gesture-control: one of Madonna's lace gloves from the 1980s. While it my look like a throwback, this NFC-enabled glove is actually more Minority Report than it is Like A Virgin. Fujitsu says that the glove "functions reliably in multiple tasks and postures without being awkward," but whether or not it's awkward depends on how terrible (retro, we mean) your fashion sense is.

Fujitsu claims that their new glove can be worn during everyday activities without your conversational gestures being misconstrued as commands to you gesture-controlled devices. That's the reason for the lacy-looking part of the glove: sensors embedded on the wrist-mounted section can detect if your hand is held back in what is called a "dorsiflexed position." Since this position is uncommon in day-to-day tasks, the glove won't send commands to your tech unless it's suppose to. For those of you well-versed in the "oh no you dint" hand, however, all bets are off.

As a second gestural safeguard, as well as a power-saving tool, the glove is meant to be used with NFC tags. Only when the glove is close enough to a device equipped with one of these tags are the gesture controls enabled. This actually triples the glove's battery life when compared to other such devices, claims Fujitsu, enabling it to be used for a full nine-hour work day. The glove currently recognizes six differing gesture commands with 98 percent accuracy. As six gestures seem potentially limiting when it comes to interfacing with your TV or computer, we're thinking that Fujitsu will be marketing these to a more industrial crowd. If, after the 2015 release date, you happen to see a meter maid or postal employee sporting a lacy-looking glove and gesticulating frantically, don't be put off: they're likely just doing their job.

Fujitsu, via Geeky-Gadgets

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