Semi-auto Nerf Demolisher fires Elite darts and new Missiles

Credit: Raymond Wong/DVICE

Like clockwork, Nerf releases a bunch of new blasters every year. This year, Nerf's going BIG; really big. The Nerf N-Strike Elite Demolisher 2-in-1 is one of a handful of new blasters Hasbro is launching this year. And man, is this blaster suh-weet.

Whereas most Nerf blasters only shoot a single type of dart, the Demolisher fires two kinds: the standard Elite darts (up to 90 feet) and the new Missile dart (we're told it goes up to 50 feet). Firing from the 10-Elite dart banana clip is battery-powered (requires four AA batteries) and shooting missiles requires a quick pump. While we wish the stock was detachable as on past Nerf N-Strike blasters, it does have room for a spare Missile. If add-ons are a must in your yard/office warfare, the Demolisher's tactical rail does support N-Strike scopes ands lights.

Not only are the Missile darts much larger than the MEGA whislte darts from last year's Centurion blaster, but they're stiffer and stronger, too; less prone to bending. As such, the Missile darts won't lose power when traveling in the air. If you found the MEGA darts to be soft upon hitting targets, you'll be happy to know the Missile darts strike a little harder.

(Above, from left to right: Elite dart, MEGA dart, Missile dart.)

We haven't done any outdoor tests, but based on our brief indoor range test-shots, the Missile darts give off a satisfying "pop" when fired and "thud" when it nails a target. We're not saying the Missile will hurt for long-range firing, but it should give a very gentle bruisin' (moreso than the MEGA darts) to anyone who is foolish enough to cross it in close range.

You'd think a blaster with double the dart action would be higher than usual, but nope, the Demolisher will only cost $40. The hardest part is waiting until the Fall for this bad boy to hit retail.

(All photos by Raymond Wong for DVICE.)

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