It doesn't get dorkier than Google Glass marriage proposals

Credit: Google

This has to be the geekiest things we've seen in a long time. For Valentine's Day, Google decided to share a YouTube video showing lovers proposing to their significant others through the POV of Google Glass. It's a dorky video for a dorky new era where everything, even marriage proposals, are recorded forever.

Google Glass's best feature is its built-in camera. With a voice command or a tap of a shutter button, the 720p resolution camera can start recording video from its wearer's perspective. With Google Glass on, you basically have a GoPro point of view at your disposal at all times. Taking pictures and recording video of stuff is natural, but do you really need to record everything?

It's nice to be able to relive memories by looking at recorded videos over and over again, but there are some things even technology shouldn't spoil — like when you're proposing to your lover.

I love new technology as much as the next person, but shouldn't people have their eyes locked on each other without the disturbance of a lit-up Glass display hovering above their right eye? Isn't a proposal something so profoundly intimate that recording a person's gushing emotions kind of soils the purity of it all?

I've never proposed to anyone, but based on all of the mushy romantic movies I've watched and all the random proposals I seem to witness in New York City, I can imagine it's an emotional experience. Is he/she going to say yes? What if they say no? Why, oh, why did I have to pick a place with so many onlookers to do this?. It's a roller-coaster experience, I'm told. The last thing you want is Google Glass dorking up the whole moment.

It's weird when the person proposing wears Google Glass to record it all, but it's even weirder when both lovers are wearing Google Glass, as shown in the video below. This guys, is the FUTURE. 

YouTube, via re/code

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