The Sochi Winter Olympics as seen from the ISS

Credit: NASA

If we do say so ourselves, the International Space Station (ISS) is one place to take amazing photos and timelapse videos. Marveling at the aurora borealis is a sight to behold, but so is this picture of the Winter Olympics in Sochi tweeted out by NASA's Johnson Space Center.

Despite all of the reported #SochiProblems, in the end the Winter Olympics is about sports and the triumph of athletes. The Olympics is also about the world's people putting their differences aside and coming together for two weeks to be one big happy family. This photo from the ISS encapsulates the spirit of the Games perfectly.

It shows Sochi, a city that has been completely revamped in record time to meet today's technological standards. It shows a city filled with light from all across the globe. From space, Sochi is a brightly lit-up city for the moment, but it won't look as vibrant and dazzling once the games are over. Enjoy this rare moment of bursting energy, because after the athletes and droves of tourists leave, the Olympic Park will be dismantled and the stadiums will almost definitely be downsized as the city reverts back to normalcy.

For a higher resolution pic, check out the photo on NASA.

Via Johnson Space Center (Twitter)

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