iPhone 6 with larger screen possibly revealed in new leak

The first purported images of the iPhone 6 surfaced yesterday from Sonny Dickson, a reliable source who's leaked accurate parts for previous iPhones and iPads before Apple announced them. Is this what the iPhone 6 will look like?

At first glance, the "leaked" photos of the purported iPhone look like the fifth-generation iPod touch. The case shares a similar unibody metal design and chamfered edges. As Sonny Dickson notes, it looks very much like a hybrid of the iPad Air/iPad mini design mixed and iPod touch. You can also see a pill-shaped hole for a "True Tone" dual-LED flash, a camera hole and a tiny mic hole just between those two; perfectly in-line with existing iPhone 5/5s/5c designs.

More interesting is that the case is bigger in order to fit a larger screen. MacRumors crunched the numbers and concluded the leaked image could fit a 4.7-inch screen without any increase in width. Basically, in order for that to happen, Apple will need to have a screen with a significantly slimmed down bezel — edge-to-edge.

Rumors suggest Apple is testing two larger iPhone screen sizes. According to the South China Morning Post, the iPhone 6 will come in 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch. The display's pixel per inch will increase from the existing 326 ppi to 441, which would make it incredibly sharp to the naked eye. SCMP's report says the iPhone 6 is not due to launch until September.

It's also believed the iPhone 6's display could be made from sapphire glass, which would make it incredibly scratch-resistant. The camera lens on iPhones are already made with sapphire glass. As 9to5mac reports, Apple's can't be stockpiling sapphire crystal furnaces for nothing.

While Dickson is unsure that what we're looking at is the next iPhone, the design does appear to align with existing rumors. However, the second batch of purported iPhone 6 pictures that surfaced after Dickson posted his are pretty fake. Twitter user mornray886 (Twitter) posted front pics depicting the iPhone 6's larger screen, but as this pic posted to imgur shows, the screen is clearly ripped from a Martin Hajek concept rendering. Nice try mornray886, but the Internet caught ya.

It's common for iPhone leaks to pop up around the beginning of the year. Final designs are usually locked in early before production of large volumes are made months later. Real or fake, would you buy an iPhablet?

Via Sonny Dickson

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