'Her'-like smarthome hub wants to know if you're okay

Credit: Indiegogo

If you were under the impression that the movie Her was set in the future, you might just have to realign your sense of reality in a moment. A new smarthome hub is about to hit the market, one that does much more than simply start brewing your coffee when you get out of bed. The device is called EmoSPARK and what its creators claim it is an Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) attuned to your emotional state.

Think of Sarah, the smarthome from Eureka and you'll be on the right track. EmoSPARK can identify you with its facial detection software and it can detect how you might be feeling through analysis of your body language, voice and the content of your texts. Over time, this collection of your data will allow your smarthome hub to notice when you might be feeling bored or depressed or when you'd just like someone to talk to. The data it collects will also create an emotional profile for EmoSPARK itself, meaning that your home could someday soon ask you if it could join you in a gaming session or play with some of your Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connected toys.

We're not quite saying that EmoSPARK will be the sort of incorporeal A.I. that Joaquin Phoenix could fall in love with, but it could be the first friend to call you after you send a mournful text with its condolences. While you're out of the house, EmoSPARK can even ask to video chat with you so that it can better detect your emotional state and thus offer up something fun or interesting for you to do. EmoSPARK will also keep tabs on your social media feed, alerting you to posts that might be of interest to you when it finds them.

Your smarthome can even connect to other EmoSPARK devices and discover more about itself through A.I. to A.I. interactions. If you'd like to see how your smarthome is feeling at any time, you can simply look it in the electronic eye. There you'll see the chromatic display of your home's mixed emotions. Everything from joy, trust, anticipation and surprise to sadness, fear or disgust will be written in your A.I.'s eye.

The EmoSPARK is a cube-shaped Android computer with a 1.8GHz quad-core processor, 2GB of DDR3 memory and a simple 8GB of flash memory. All of the smarthome's emotional heavy lifting is housed in the cloud, and EmoSPARK can connect to iOS or Android devices via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. If you'd like to start living with an emotive, caring A.I. of your own, you can reserve one of a few remaining "early adopter" models through crowdfunding website Indiegogo for as low as $224. Non-discounted units will run you $249 to $299.

Indiegogo, via Geeky-Gadgets

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