Beastly supercar could burn rubber circles around a Ferrari

Credit: Felino

Over the last four years, the folks at Felino Corp. have been toiling in secret to deliver Quebec its very own supercar. The cB7 is the culmination of that work. With a powerful 6.2-liter V8 under the hood, this aggressive-looking roadster can back up its looks with some serious muscle.

Churning out 489 foot-pounds of torque, the cB7's engine is paired with a six-speed manual transmission housed in a composite and carbon fiber frame. The dashboard, also carbon fiber, is outfitted with an onboard data-acquisition system which will likely work in tandem with the vehicle's rear and side-view cameras to deliver drivers impressive replays of their latest runs around the track.

Actual acceleration and top speed data isn't yet available, since the cB7 isn't quite ready for purchase yet. When it does hit the showroom floor, the Canadian supercar will have optional V6 and V4 models available and there are even rumors of an electric vehicle version in the works. As for the powerful V8 cB7, the exact retail price has yet to be set, but Felino assures us that the starting sticker price will be below $100,000. Not exactly affordable territory, but pretty cheap for a supercar (if they successfully pull it off).

Felino Cars, via Gizmag

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