Why 2013 was a great year in tech: Part Two

As a site that lusts for the future, we don't just cover the new technologies and gadgets that we can get now. We're also interested in stuff that is five, 10, or even 50 years away. Because you can't make a futuristic world come true if you never dream it up in the first place.

We're extremely glad that 2013 saw its fair share of major tech stories outside of smartphones and computers. Can you imagine what a boring year it would have been if the best thing to happen was just a new iPhone? Luckily, this year had eventful moments such as the awesome videos from astronaut Commander Chris Hadfield, the meteoric rise of Bitcoin, and the crazy tease and revealing of Elon Musk's Hyperloop concept, to name a few.

For the rest, take a look at part two of our "Why 2013 was a great year in tech" feature. Pop some champagne and let's end this year with a bubbly bang! If you missed it, you can also read part one here.

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