CERN creates Google Street View LEGO scavenger hunt

Credit: CERN

Google recently showed up at CERN's doorstep, Street View cameras in hand. Little did Google know, however, that the folks at CERN had planned to have a little bit of fun when it came to those virtual tour-creating cameras. The scientists and engineers (famed for their search for the Higgs boson and other minute particles) had organized an epic scavenger hunt.

Thankfully, people joining in the hunt won't be tasked with uprooting Higgs Bosons. Instead, you'll be looking for a number of strategically-placed LEGO minifigs. Hawaiian dancers, aliens, Robin Hood, and a gorilla clutching a banana are amongst the Street View Easter eggs awaiting discovery.

The scavenger hunt feels somewhat like a real-world version of the computer gaming classic Myst, although you'll have to provide your own eerie soundtrack. Locate three of the hidden LEGO figures and you can enter to win a prize from the CERN gift guide. If you're interested, and you should be, we suggest starting here and taking a close look at the servers. Maybe also take a gander at the vicinity of a certain forklift next to a fire extinguisher. Ok, that's all the hints you get. Happy hunting, LEGO-seekers.

CERN, via Slash Gear

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