Why 2013 was a great year in tech: Part One

Credit: Raymond Wong/DVICE

As we prepare to close out 2013 and ring in 2014, we've seen a number of end-of-year lists that declared the year a dud in tech innovation. Those lists couldn't be any more wrong.

Our main complaint about many of the stories that declared 2013 a boring year in tech is that they're heavily skewed towards smartphones and tablets hitting their peak. And while I fancy shiny new Apple gadgets like anyone else, 2013 offered more tech surprises and innovation than anyone is giving credit for. From Google Glass finally landing on faces (in prototype form) to the launch of the PS4 and Xbox One to China landing a rover on the Moon, 2013 was a definitely a big year in tech.

We know it's hard to remember what happened last week, let alone a year ago, so instead of asking you to re-read all of our stories, we went back and corralled all of the major products, announcements, and stories that made the year such a great one for tech, as well as the headlines that are setting the tone for an optimistic 2014. There were so many great tech highlights this year that we had to split our rewind roundup into two, so grab some popcorn and read on for part one of what has been a great year in tech.

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