Fin gesture control ring makes your hand a Bluetooth controller

Credit: Indiegogo

A small band of creative types have crafted what looks like your average fashion accessory. It's a ring with a little pinstripe down its center that evokes the look of a classic surfboard. but this ring isn't just for looks. It's actually a Bluetooth 4.0 gesture control device.

By precisely detecting its location across your palm and fingers, Fin can be used to send a number of differing commands to up to three separate connected devices. Control your smart TV, smartphone, car audio or even your gaming console with simple gestures. Current versions of the Fin can handle up to five different gestures per device, but those are developer units. The final version will hopefully be capable of much more. They're even being tinkered with to work as controllers for Oculus Rift, Google Glass and other headsets.

With a battery powerful enough to last more than a month and simplistic control gestures, the Fin is definitely a controller you can put on and forget about. For the weeks that follow each charge you'll simply be able to tell your devices what you want them to do with a simple flick of your thumb. You can pre-order a Fin of your own through the group's Indiegogo page. A developers Fin kit will run you about $80 plus shipping.

Via Indiegogo

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