Archos unleashes bargain-priced smartwatches starting at $50

Credit: Archos

Archos has made a bit of a name for itself as a maker of discount electronics, but its newest creation is priced so far below the bar that its raising eyebrows at this year's CES 2014. The item in question: a smartwatch that will retail at only $50.

The bargain-basement smartwatch is actually one of three new smartwatches coming out from Archos this year, all of which are priced to sell. With Pebble and other smartwatch makers trending toward pricier, high-end wearables, its nice to see somebody looking out for the little guy. The $50 smartwatch features a 1.55-inch black and white LCD screen and a battery life of up to two weeks.

All three of Archos' new smartwatches will be compatible with both Android and iOS devices. That includes a $100 model with a color LCD screen and two days of battery life, as well as a $129 model with a curved E-ink display and a battery life that should last a week and a half. The top-of-the-line model actually looks pretty stylish, while the two cheaper models could easily be mistaken for something you won at the county fair.

With their cheap price points, you might imagine that Archos is skimping on some of the features we have come to expect from a smartwatch. While the hardware inside the watches themselves is solid, what's missing is the app store that comes along with Pebble or Samsung's Galaxy Gear. Still, if you're looking for a cost-effective way to dip your toes into the wearables revolution, a smartwatch that costs less than a tank of gas is a solid choice. The $50 smartwatch, along with its marginally pricier brethren will be available by this summer.

Via Archos

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