Fujitsu's PulseWallet uses your veins to pay for things

Credit: PulseWallet

If there's one thing you can depend on, it's businesses always making simple for you, it's purchasing their stuff. Utilizing a bit of Fujitsu's camera technology, PulseWallet wants to make paying for your goods as simple as holding out your hand.

As you hover your hand over PulseWallet's camera, it captures an image of your veins. Like many biometric measurements, the veins in your hand are generally unique and unchanging. After age eight, you've got the veins you've got. The camera inside each PulseWallet register can identify the vein pattern correctly 99.99992 percent of the time, and scanning those suckers as a mode of identification takes less than a second, making transactions as easy as waving goodbye — at least mostly.

Data security being what it is today, PulseWallet does ask for you to authenticate your identity with a PIN as well. Currently set up to be your phone number, we're hoping these PIN numbers get slimmed down a bit, or the real convenience of a biometric register kinda goes out the window.

On the other hand, setting up a PulseWallet account takes less than a minute per vendor you visit, and it'll still save you time when compared to traditional payment methods. What with a number of alternative cash registers hitting the market right now, we'll have to wait and see if palm-scanning really ever takes off. Just don't get too weirded out if a store clerk asks for your hand someday soon. They're probably just trying to make it easier for you to get home in a jiffy.

Fujitsu, via The Verge

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