Toyota gives us the best look yet at the hydrogen-powered FCV

Credit: Toyota

Back in November, Toyota gave us a sneak peel at its newest fuel cell vehicle (FCV) prototype. At CES 2014, the Japanese automaker revealed a whole lot more info, including a better look at that swanky new blue body.

The Toyota FCV has been in development since 1996, when it was called the FCEV. Since then, Toyota's other green machine, the Prius, has been racking up all of the automaker's environmental headlines. But now it appears the FCV is preparing to step off the design sheets and into reality. By 2015, Toyota plans to have their hydrogen-powered, water-emitting wonder car on the road.

Toyota is so sure of the FCV's release that the company is starting to show off a little of what the car can do. For instance, the FCV is expected to have an EPA driving range of 300 miles per tank, along with a three minute refueling time. Those numbers bring the FCV just about in-line with some of the best electric cars out there, which include the impending Tesla Model X. Since Tesla's CEO, Elon Musk, is on record decrying fuel cell vehicles as incapable of keeping up with electric cars, it'll be interesting to see what happens when both EVs and FCVs share the same roads.

Via Toyota

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