Ritzy new Pebble Steel smartwatch aims at the fashionable

Credit: Pebble

When the Pebble smartwatch was announced it ushered in a whole new understanding of what wearable tech could be. Almost 69,000 people snapped up a Pebble of their own during the project's Kickstarter campaign alone. Ever since, the folks behind Pebble have been toiling in the shadows on their next wearable. This year, at CES 2014, the company finally pulled of the covers on its latest smartwatch.

The Pebble Steel is a step toward the traditional watch aesthetic. It combines all the apps and functionality of the original Pebble with a smart, upmarket case. Gorilla Glass and stainless steel make up the smartwatch's exterior, which comes in black or brushed metal. Each also comes with metal and leather strap options.

The Pebble Steel has between five and seven days of battery life, can survive five atmospheres of water pressure and includes an improved magnetic charging cable. An RGB LED notifies you of the smartwatch's charging status and the folks at Pebble have even managed to squeeze the whole shebang into a smaller form factor.

Additionally, Pebble is also rolling out its very own app store so that developers can create an entire ecosystem of connectivity between the Pebble and smartphone apps. The new Pebble Steel smartwatch does cost a bit more than its first-gen compatriot at $249 ($100 more, if you're counting), but for an upmarket aesthetic and all the brains of a smartwatch you could be paying a whole lot more.

Via Pebble

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