Control your smartphone with taps of your wrist

Credit: Haloband

Although, Isaac Asimov didn’t predict it, 2014 is looking like it might be the year of wearable technology. Soon we won’t even need smartphones, because we'll be be wearing smart watches or smart glasses instead). Until that time arrives, though, there’s Haloband, which allows you to control your smartphone via a tap on your wrist.

To use Haloband, you download its app to your smartphone, and your Haloband connects to it via NFC. Once connected, a series of taps sends instructions to your phone to do things like take a photo, send your current location, or even call the first person in your contacts list. The band doesn't need a battery, so there’s no need to worry about power. It's highly customizable, allowing you to set up how taps function and what they tell your phone to do.

One of Haloband’s most useful functions, though, might be unlocking your smartphone. Just tap your phone against the band to unlock, no password required. Other functions include switching songs on your music player, checking in to social media, and sharing your contact information (no business card required). The band itself, which comes in a variety of colors, resembles those “Live Strong” bracelets that were so popular a year ago. A layer of flexible silicone protects three layers of NFC chips underneath.

Although Haloband’s Kickstarter goal has already been met (three times over), you can still get a Haloband for just $25 and have it next month. Be sure to donate quickly, though: this Kickstarter ends soon.

Via Kickstarter

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