One pill could give you perfect pitch by altering your brain

Credit: Debbie Miller

The ability to identify a single musical note or to sing it perfectly without any source of reference is a rare one. Called perfect pitch, this rare skill can only be learned at the right age — miss out and you'll never be able to do it. At least, that's been the reality through all of human history thus far. But a new pill might be about to make virtuoso out of all of us.

The drug is called Valporate, and it can alter your brain's plasticity. It's commonly used to treat epileptic seizures, but a new study has determined that it could also give you a second chance at becoming the singing sensation you always wanted to be. By reverting your brain to a more youthful state, Valporate makes it possible for you to learn things that would otherwise only be available to you when you were little.

A recent study conducted on male adults showed that individuals taking the drug were significantly more capable of learning absolute pitch than those given a placebo. Before you run off to your corner black market pharmacy with dreams of stardom in your head, be warned: the neuroscience behind this mental rejuvenation is still under study. By constantly reverting your brain to a youthful state, you could run the risk of erasing parts of your personality. Or maybe that's a feature, too.

Frontiers, via The Verge

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