Elevated bike paths could someday safeguard London's cyclists

Last year 14 cyclists were killed on the streets of London. All of these deaths were attributed to large trucks and buses striking cyclists as they tried to navigate the city's meandering roads. In the eyes of the city's biking community, the number (and indeed any number above zero) is far too high, and they've gotten a powerful design firm to work up a futuristic life-saving solution.

The project is called SkyCycle, and once implemented, it would see nearly 137 miles of safe bike trails constructed all across England's capitol. The trails would be constructed above the city's existing train network, creating a dedicated commuter corridor for cyclists all over the metropolis. Three million Londoners would have easy access to the paths less than ten minutes from their doorsteps.

Large enough to handle 12,000 commuters an hour, each of the network's corridors would facilitate access to different suburbs. The firm behind the concept is Foster + Partners, already responsible for a number of futuristic architectural projects around the globe, including London's own Millenum Bridge. There's no word yet whether any of the numerous London civil agencies that have seen the SkyCycle's proposal will take up the idea's reigns. If it does ever materialize, it will do a great deal of good for London's cycling public — though they may of a generation yet to be born.

Foster + Partners, via Dezeen

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