Prescription Google Glass will cost over $1,725

Credit: Google

Google Glass is expensive. $1,500 for a prototype/developer model is nothing to sneeze at. And if you want Google Glass with prescription frames, it's going cost you — big time.

If you have good vision, wearing Google Glass isn't an issue. If you wear contacts, wearing Google Glass isn't an issue, either. And if you have small-ish glasses, wearing Google Glass over them might work. But if you're blind as a bat and can't walk out the door without your glasses, then chances are, wearing Google Glass has been impossible.

Google's new "Titanium Collection" for Glass hopes to put the wearable computer on more faces — if you can afford it. The collection has four frames (see gallery below). Each frame will cost $225 without the prescription lenses. And you'll need to either own or buy a pair of Google Glass ($1500) to attach them to. Google also introduced two new sunglass frames that can be attached to Glass.

Google says it's not getting into the prescription lens business. Instead, it's partnering up with select eyecare professionals to train them on how to craft and fit lenses onto its fancy frames.

Total cost for Glass with frames: $1725 plus tax plus however much it costs to get your prescription lenses at an optometrist. I don't know about you, but that's a lot of money. I could live with my pair of $99 Warby Parkers and my iPhone just fine.

Don't get me wrong, I think the new frames are stylish and make Glass look less cyborg-like and more approachable/stylish, but $1725+ is outrageous. Unless you're filthy rich, nobody in their right mind would buy a smartphone accessory for that kind of money.

Posh design is one thing, but price is also another. The original iPhone was gorgeous, but it was incredibly expensive. It wasn't until the price was lowered and the design honed that the iPhone really took off with the masses. I forsee the same future for Glass, whenever the final retail version launches.

Google Glass, via The Verge

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