Rumor: Samsung going after Google Glass with 'Galaxy Glass'

Credit: WSJ

With a patent already registered and a launch deadline in sight, Samsung looks poised to once again take on one of the biggest tech companies in existence. This time, rather than going toe-to-toe with Apple, Samsung is reportedly planning to wade further into wearables with a Google Glass-like headset of its own called "Galaxy Glass."

While the name may not be a permanent one, nothing quite says rip-off like a name meant to sound like the competition's product. That said, Samsung is competent enough to build a decent AR headset on its own. As for what exactly Galaxy Glass will do, we've only heard the basics. It'll display alerts, allow users to take calls and listen to music — all of which can already be done on Samsung's other wearable, the much-maligned Galaxy Gear smartwatch — according to The Korea Times.

The Galaxy Glass rumors come at an interesting time, too. Google and Samsung just inked a deal that allows the Korean company to license its Android patents for 10 years. With such an alliance in place, it's likely Google is allowing Samsung to build its own Google Glass clone. Support from Samsung, the world's largest electronics company, could help accelerate society's acceptance for Glass and other face wearables. (Remember, Samsung's Galaxy smartphones and tablets helped Android become an international hit.)

Launched at last year's IFA in Berlin, the Galaxy Gear underwhelmed those who were hoping for a truly futuristic wearable. In fact, the Galaxy Gear did so poorly that Samsung is reportedly re-tooling the smartwatch entirely in an attempt to better meet those dashed consumer expectations. The new Galaxy Gear 2 will feature a new, flexible OLED screen and, according to ZDNet Korea, "they changed up all the parts that looked dull or boring." Here's to hoping they managed to shave off most of the bulkiness.

Samsung is reportedly planning to push the new smartwatch out as fast as possible. A launch in March or April alongside the Galaxy S5 could be a possibility. As per Galaxy Glass, we'll have to wait a few months more to get our first glimpse, which Samsung hopes to announce at IFA in September, according to the latest rumors.

The Korea Times and ZDNet Korea, via GigaOM

(Raymond Wong contributed to this report.)

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