Video of the Day: This house has a train

According to a poll we just took, Oregon is cosmically accepted to be the best state in the entire universe. As such, any house that comes up for sale in Oregon (giving some lucky soul the opportunity to become an Oregon resident) is worthy of a dedicated story on DVICE. But this house, this house is different. And better. And maybe even the best. Why? Let me tell you why.

It has its own miniature railway.

Some info:

  • 11,000 feet of track
  • 30 foot tall trestle
  • 400 foot long tunnel
  • All of the trains (including the steam engines) are hand built by the dude whose house this is.

Apparently, there's also more railway inside the house (albeit at a much smaller scale), and all it'll cost you for this 20-acre plot of bliss will be $3.5 million.

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Listing, via BB

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