Firefighter developing life-saving Google Glass app

Credit: Google Glass

In Rocky Mount, North Carolina, a firefighter sits behind his desk. You might think that he's writing a report or updating his fire house's Facebook fan page, but Patrick Jackson has another task at hand: he's building a Google Glass app that could someday soon help firefighters save lives.

Of course, Google Glass can't actually carry survivors to safety. That sort of stuff is better left to the big boys, but what Jackson's new app can do is make a firefighter's job run more smoothly. Firefighters can have instant, hands-free access to building floor plans, locate the nearest fire hydrant and even get vehicle-specific extraction diagrams for cutting people free from a wreck. Jackson says using Glass to record video and take pictures for logging would speed up investigations and reduce reliance on using old-fashioned notebooks.

Patrick Jackson isn't just your average firefighter who thought he'd write an app during his down time. He's also a software engineer who had access to a Google Glass headset and saw his chance to make a difference. If other firefighters someday get their hands on a Google Glass headset of their own, they too can have better access to life-saving information. Here's hoping we see Jackson's handiwork on the faces of emergency responders very soon.

Google Glass (YouTube), via GigaOM

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